Evergreen Food & Goods Rescue (EFGR) is a non profit volunteer organization operating in the Puget Sound Area.  There are currently two teams: Sno North and Tri-Valley. Sno North covers Mukilteo, Everett, Marysville, and North Snohomish County. Tri-Valley covers Monroe, Woodinville, and Duvall. Each typical member/family is required to retain at least one weekly job on the schedule depending on the family size. (Average family size: 2 to 5 children)

Did you know that up to one fifth of America’s food goes to waste each year, with an estimated 130 pounds of food per person ending up in landfills? The annual value of this lost food is estimated at around $31 billion. But the real story is that roughly 49 million people could have been fed by those lost resources.

Gleaning or Food Recovery is the collection of wholesome food for distribution to those in need who are helping themselves and others. Gleaning follows a basic humanitarian ethic that has been a part of society for centuries. We know that “gleaning” or gathering after the harvest, goes back at least as far as written history. Today, however, the term gleaning covers a variety of different efforts. Some of the most common are:

  • Field Gleaning: Collection of crops from farmers fields, and peoples back yards.
  • Perishable Food Rescue or Salvage: Perishable produce and goods from wholesale and retail sources.
  • Food Rescue: The collection of prepared foods from the food service industry.
  • Non-perishable Food Collection: The collection of processed food with long shelf lives.
  • Nonfood Items: Anything useable that was headed to the landfills from wholesale, retail, and many other businesses.


EFGR is a local grass roots non-profit association that gathers using all of the above forms. EFGR, through individual teams spread through out
the Puget Sound area, helps supply many places with extra food. Some of these include food banks, boys and girls clubs, breakfast programs, scouts, homeless shelters, abuse shelters, women’s safety programs, missions and senior centers. In addition, many of our members share with other families and neighbors.

EFGR allows people to help themselves while at the same time helping others in need. To this end, EFGR is not a food bank, each member has a volunteer position on their team and is required to fulfill that positions duties. EFGR functions with less waste than any other food
recovery system to date and does so with very little money and no public funds. This is achieved by having hard working volunteers who are
dedicated to EFGR’s ideals. EFGR cannot service everyone nor can it have infinite membership, but each year finds us helping more people in more
diverse ways.

It is gratifying to be a part of such an effort. The knowledge that we are able to make a difference in our community by preventing waste
and at the same time be helping people help themselves is truly heartwarming.

Please feel free to browse our site and contact us if you have any questions regarding Evergreen Food & Goods Rescue.

If you wish to become a member please view our membership page here.